Providing High-Quality Fire Protection Products & Services For Over 35 Years

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Shapiro Fire Protection Co. has been in business since 1981. We provide the absolute best options available for fire protection, life-saving and first aid products.
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Fire Systems

We provide fire protection products that meets your business needs. 

Turn to us for full fire extinguisher inspection and recharging of your at your location.
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Are you sure your employees are prepared for emergencies?

Educate your team and make sure they understand and follow OSHA-compliant safety regulations.
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Factory, NAFED/ICC, NICET Trained and Certified Technicians 
At Shapiro Fire Protection Co., we have extensive experience working with fire systems of all types. We offer a wide range of services and no matter what kind of business you operate, we are certain to have something perfect for you. Fire systems to keep you and your employees safe in case of any fire emergency.
Take Advantage of Our Mobile Recharging Services
Our mobile recharging service personnel will come to your location to service all your fire extinguishers. Our fire extinguisher services include:
  •     Annual inspection and service of fire extinguishers
  •     Mobile recharging service
  •     Hydrostatic fire extinguisher testing
We carry a full product line of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers.
Computerized Barcode Inventory Control & Inspection Reports 
Inspectors use standard PDAs with BuildingReports software to scan devices and upload results to a secure, web-based account. The data is compared to past inspections and statistical analysis using an online database. Unique bar-code registration ensures comprehensive inspections by monitoring inspectors' progress in real time during the inspection, preventing missed items, and facilitating fast action on repairs. Scanned timestamps cannot be modified, and reports are ready immediately as either a dynamic web page or a downloadable document to authorized users only.
BuildingReports' Third Party Verification and Authentication ensures verifiable compliance backed by a Certificate of Authenticity. Inspection results are audited online and reviewed for certification. Instantly-retrievable documentation from a detailed database of every time-stamped, bar-coded inspection means you can deliver up-to-date, verifiable documentation on demand. Authentication is guaranteed with regular independent audits, both online and onsite. It is intelligent compliance designed by industry experts that produces accurate, verifiable results you can trust.

Contact our fire protection company for reliable service for all your fire safety needs.

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